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Increase your
company value with IP

We provide strategic advice regarding patents, trademarks and other intellectual property

About Groth & Co

Groth & Growth.

  • Groth & Co provides business-driven advice on intellectual property. We have experts in the areas of patents, trademarks, designs, domain names, copyright, litigation and process, name creation, and more. Together with our clients, we work strategically to create competitive advantages through intellectual property.

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  • We are committed to strengthening, developing and enhancing our clients’ business activities through our experience and expertise within intellectual property, in combination with an understanding of our clients’ business. The goal is to strengthen our clients' position and increase the company's value.

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  • Thanks to the great diversity of our staff, we offer advice in 16 native languages. Our international team of experts helps to bridge the cultural differences which arise in international business. We have employees who were born in China, India, Japan and South Korea. As our client, you also gain access to our global network of partners.

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  • We have worked with intellectual property rights since 1869 making us Scandinavia's first company in the field. Our long journey has taken us from Swedish industrialisation with innovations such as dynamite, the adjustable wrench and the separator, to today's dynamic business landscape characterised by innovation, globalisation and digitisation.

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  • We belong to SEPAF, the Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden, whose aim is to uphold ethics and a high degree of professional skill in the field. SEPAF’s general conditions offer customers security. The ethics committee ensures that ethical guidelines are followed, and any agency that violates the regulations is held accountable. Read SEPAF:s General Conditions in its entirety here.

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Challenges & Results.

  • Bonava – Creation and protection of a trademark for NCC

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    NCC NCC AB is a Swedish multinational construction and real estate company, ...

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  • Naming, Protection and Design of a new brand name

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    Our unique service of creating, protecting and designing a new brand Under the ...

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  • IP Due Diligence in connection with an acquisition

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    IP Due Diligence in connection with a sale of a company A ...

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  • Design litigation reaches the Supreme Court

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    Infringement of adesign registration for chimney cap Our client, the Swedish metalsmith ...

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  • Portfolio Refinement for a cost-effective management of trademarks

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    SKF is a leading multinational technology company. Most famous for its bearings ...

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Meetings & Inspiration.

  • Stockholm 25 Apr 2017

    INTA Pre-Annual Meeting – Strategic ...

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  • Barcelona 20 May 2017

    INTA Annual Meeting

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  • Washington D.C. 04 Jun 2017

    Mathias Loqvist speaks on European ...

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  • Budapest 28 Jun 2017

    ECTA Annual Conference

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  • Prague 19 Sept 2017

    MARQUES Annual Conference

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  • Stockholm 21 Sept 2017

    The Patent Day 2017

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  • Stockholm 25 Jan 2018

    The Trademark Day 2017

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Our employees

Team players & Experts.


Pride & Proficiency.

  • 1869

    Groth & Co is founded

    At Groth & Co we have been working with intellectual property for a very long time. Ever since the year 1869 to be exact. Lorentz Albrecht Theodor Groth founded the company L. A. Groth & Co, together with the engineer Axel H. Weström. This means that we are Scandinavia’s oldest IP Law Firm.

  • 1876

    The Otto Engine

    The four-stroke engine was invented by Nikolaus Otto in 1876, who called it the Otto engine. The engine was revolutionary for its time and is still, today, the dominant engine in cars, propeller-driven aircraft, lawn mowers, mopeds and outboard engines for boats. We, at Groth & Co, filed the patent application for the Otto engine in Sweden.

  • 1878


    The separator is a device that separates two immiscible liquids in a rapidly rotating centrifuge. Gustaf de Laval’s construction from 1877 was used extensively on Swedish farms and contributed strongly to Swedish industrialization around 1900. Groth & Co filed the patent application which was approved 1878.

  • 1879

    Extra Dynamite

    Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist and engineer who became best known for dynamite and the Nobel Prize. We, at Groth & Co, were the IP law firm that filed Nobel’s patent application for Extra Dynamite in 1879 and today the Power of Attorney still adorns one of the walls in our head office.

  • 1879

    The Light Bulb

    Thomas Alva Edison is often called the father of the light bulb. He invented the first usable light bulb in 1880, based on the existing knowledge on the day. Edison was a prolific inventor and is said to have had over 1,300 patented inventions on his CV. Groth & Co began working with Edison in 1879.

  • 1884

    The Swedish Association of Patent Attorneys

    The Swedish Association of Patent Attorneys, SPOF, was founded in 1884 by John Edberg, among others, who was partner of Groth & Co.

  • 1892

    The Adjustable Wrench

    On 11 May, 1892, the patent application for the adjustable wrench was granted. We at Groth & Co filed it on behalf of Johan Petter Johansson. The adjustable wrench has looked the same for over 100 years now – a wrench with one variable and one fixed jaw. The adjustable wrench dispensed the need for a large number of tools of different sizes. In the latter part of the nineteenth century, this was revolutionary.

  • 1892

    The Primus Stove

    The first soot-free kerosene stove was constructed by Frans W Lindqvist in 1892, named Primus®. The design revolutionized the opportunities to boil water and produce heat and light whilst travelling. Primus stoves were used by Andrée’s expedition when trying to reach the North Pole by balloon in 1897, and by Amundsen’s expedition which succeeded in reaching the South Pole in 1911.

  • 1892

    The Diesel Engine

    The German engineer Rudolf Diesel invented an engine in 1892 that came to bear his surname. The diesel engine is used today mainly where there is a need to provide high power levels at low speeds and they are therefore often used in trucks, buses, boats, and farm machinery. We at Groth & Co filed the patent application in Sweden for the diesel engine.

  • 1898

    Jönköping’s Match Factory

    Jönköping’s match factory was founded in 1857 and reached a leading position in the production of what was the new safety match. The company was acquired by Ivar Kreuger in 1917 when he founded Swedish Tändsticks AB, which later became Swedish Match AB. From 1898 onwards, we handled numerous trademarks for the company.

  • 1900


    The Swedish toothpaste Stomatol® was invented in 1885, although at the time it was used for gargling in the treatment of throat diseases. For Stockholmers the toothpaste is perhaps best known for the classic advertising sign that has been in service at Slussen, Stockholm, since 1909. Groth & Co applied for the Stomatol trademark in 1900.

  • 1907

    AB J. V. Svenson’s Engine Factory

    Around 1900, Johan Victor Svenson bought two premises just outside of Stockholm to start a car factory. In 1907 however he began to manufacture kerosene engines instead called Avance®. The engine was a great success and about 3,000 Swedish ships were equipped with the engine. Groth & Co helped to register the Avance® trademark and many others in the years that followed.

  • 1915


    Mercedes-Benz® is a well-known German car manufacturer that dates back to 1885. The name Mercedes came in to use in 1900 when an Austrian businessman specially ordered 36 cars from what was then the company Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft which he then renamed after his daughter Mercedes Jellinek. In 1915 we at Groth & Co helped to register the trademark Mercedes in Sweden.

  • 1935

    Maxwell House®

    In 1892 a coffee brand was introduced in the U.S. and named after the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The coffee was very successful and, until the 1980s, was the best-selling coffee in the U.S. In 1935 Groth & Co helped to register the famous trademark in Sweden.

  • 1941


    Milda® margarine has been on the Swedish market since 1943. It was called Milda because of its mild flavour and it has been Sweden’s best-selling household margarine for decades. Groth & Co registered the trademark in 1941.

  • 1954

    Elizabeth Arden®

    Elizabeth Arden was a businesswoman who built up a global cosmetics company under her own name. Arden is said to have stated that there were only three American trademarks that were known in all corners of the world; Singer® sewing machines, Coca Cola®, and Elizabeth Arden®. Groth & Co helped the latter to become registered in Sweden in 1954.

  • 1961

    Individually-wrapped sticking plasters

    In 1953, the company Cederroth introduced sticking plaster called Salvekvick. It was Europe’s first individually-wrapped sticking plasters, and the wrapping protected it against dirt, dust and bacteria. Groth & Co filed the patent application in 1961. Today, the sticking plasters is called Salvequick® and is still the market leader in many European countries.

  • 1975


    A pop group was formed in 1970 which became Sweden’s most successful musical export of all time. Based on the initials of its members, they wanted to call the group ABBA – the same name as a famous food company. We at Groth & Co were able to help reaching an agreement and registering the trademark ABBA in 15 of the group’s key markets. As a special ‘thank you’ we were given a signed card from the group.

  • 1984


    Europe® is one of Sweden’s biggest rock bands of all time and has sold over 20 million albums. With hits like ‘The Final Countdown’, ‘Prisoners in Paradise’ and ‘Carrie’, Europe® dominated the rock scene in the 1980s. In 1984 we registered the band’s trademark.

  • 1986

    Anti-Retroviral Drug Against AIDS

    AZT® was the name of the medicine that marked the first breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS. The medicine was the first so-called anti-retroviral drug that reduced the reproduction of the virus. In 1986, we submitted a Swedish trademark application for Glaxo Group Limited.

  • 1991

    The Trademark Day™

    The Trademark Day™ – Varumärkesdagen® – was launched by Groth & Co in 1991 and is today the largest Nordic meeting place for everyone in the trademark community. Read more about this year’s conference on the Varumärkesdagen website.

  • 1995

    The Patent Day™

    The Patent Day™ – Patentdagen® – was launched by Groth & Co in 1995 and is today the largest Nordic meeting place for everyone in the patent community. Read more about this year’s conference on the Patentdagen website.

  • 1995

    The Signum Award™

    The Signum Award™ – Signumpriset® – recognizes and rewards each year the Nordic company that best manages and develops their trademark. We at Groth & Co established the prize in 1995, and since then companies such as Volvo®, Ramlösa®, Bang & Olufsen®, Absolut® and Hästens® have been awarded the prize. Learn more on The Signum Award website.

  • 1996

    Establishment in Alicante

    The European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO, (former OHIM) is located in Alicante. We opened an office here in 1996 in order to best assist our clients in dealing with the authorities and also to quickly obtain the latest case law.

  • 1997


    After many years in the business, Swedish fashion designer Johan Lindberg started his own fashion label J.Lindeberg® in 1996. The brand became a big international success, thanks to their Scandinavian design and iconic logo. J.Lindeberg has had a significant role in what is internationally known as “the Swedish denim miracle”. We filed the trademark applications for J.Lindeberg in 1997.

  • 1998


    Powerformer is a high voltage generator developed by ABB which was launched in 1998. The generator can be connected directly to the grid without intermediate transformers. Groth & Co filed nearly a hundred patent applications related to the project between 1996 and 1998.

  • 1999

    World Childhood Foundation®

    World Childhood Foundation® was founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden. The foundation works for children’s safety worldwide and has a special focus on children in vulnerable environments. Since its start in 1999, Groth & Co has assisted the foundation pro bono with its trademark questions.

  • 2000

    First Patent Application of the Millennium

    At midnight on the eve of the new millennium (when Europe played ‘Final Countdown’ in central Stockholm) our Managing Director Gunnar Sundkvist faxed the millennium’s first patent application to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). The application, numbered SE0000001, related to  ‘arrangements for the removal of a bottle’s stopper’ in the form of our logotype.

  • 2001

    Wave Power

    The company Seabased AB is run by Professor Mats Leijon and works with obtaining energy from ocean waves. So-called wave power has many advantages in terms of  large supplies of energy, low costs and a positive impact on the environment. Since it started in 2001, we have assisted Seabased with the creation of assets in the form of patents.

  • 2005

    Establishment in Beijing

    China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a large portion of global production takes place in China. In order to best assist our clients in China and at the same time be able to help Chinese companies in the European market, we chose to open an office in Beijing in 2005. We were the first Swedish IP law firm with representation in China.

  • 2008


    Kexchoklad® is the best-selling confectionery product in Sweden – and has been so since 1976. Swedes eat 1.74 Kexchoklad® bars a second – crispy wafers in milk chocolate. For decades, the brand was not thought to be registerable, but through extensive argumentation supported by market researches, we at Groth & Co succeeded, despite the objections, to get the trademark registered in 2008.

  • 2010

    The Official Wedding Series

    On 19 June 2010, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden married her fiancé Daniel Westling, now Prince of Sweden and the Duke of Västergötland. Groth & Co had the honour of filing the trademark application for the logotype that certified all of the official products related to the royal wedding.

  • 2011

    In-store Payment by Mobile Phone

    The Swedish company Seamless Distribution AB has developed the product SEQR® that allows consumers to pay with their cell phone in stores. All that is needed is a sticker with a QR code in the store and an app on the consumer’s phone. The service is currently being used by several prominent Swedish supermarkets. Groth & Co filed the patent application in 2011.

  • 2012

    Vertical Greenhouses for Urban Agriculture

    Plantagon International AB is active in the “urban agriculture” sector and has won several global awards for its innovations in vertical farming. Their vertical greenhouses are located in urban environments and provide freshly-grown crops directly to consumers with minimal negative environmental impact. Since 2012 Plantagon has retained Groth & Co for advice on its IP strategy.

  • 2013

    Sweden IP Firm of the Year

    During a black-tie gala in London on April 17th, Groth & Co was awarded Sweden IP Firm of the Year 2013! The prestigious award is established and presented by the leading industry magazine Managing Intellectual Property (MIP), and it is considered to be the most prominent award in the IP law firm business.

  • 2014


    FundedByMe is a crowdfunding portal based in Stockholm, Sweden, which provide ‘equity crowdfunding’. As of June 2016, FundedByMe have raised more than €23 million. FundedByMe is Sweden’s first crowdfunding platform and have receive worldwide attention in tech media such as Wired. We registered their trademark globally in 2014.

  • 2016

    Project Playground®

    Project Playground is an organization founded in 2010 by Princess Sofia and Frida Vesterberg. The organization aims to improve children’s and young people’s opportunities in life through organized sports and social activities. Groth & Co has assisted Project Playground pro bono in developing a strategy to protect the trademark PROJECT PLAYGROUND internationally as well as supported in the implementation of the strategy and pursuing the registration processes.

  • 2016

    Sweden IP Firm of the Year

    For the second time, we had the honor to receive industry magazine Managing Intellectual Property’s (MIP) prestigious award Sweden IP Firm of the Year. The last time we won was in 2013.

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    Groth & Co KB
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    Visiting address:
    Birger Jarlsgatan 57 B
    Telephone: +46 8 729 91 00
    Email: info@groth.eu
    Fax: +46 8 31 67 67

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    Groth & Co i Malmö HB
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    Fax: +46 40 12 26 11

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    Avda. De Aguilera 19-1 B
    E-03007 ALICANTE
    Telephone: +34 96 592 04 55
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    Fax: +34 96 592 05 03

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    Groth GmbH
    Rosenkavalierplatz 4
    D-81925 MUNICH
    Telephone: +49 89 982 952 63
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    Fax: +49 89 982 952 65

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    Groth & Co KB
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